Tenancy Application Form

Advent Real Estate Services Ltd.

Stop, Please Read Below!

Before you fill in this form, please follow the 3 guidelines below, Advent will disregard any application submission that fails to comply.

  1. You must view the rental property before applying for tenancy
  2. You must speak to the listing Property Manager before applying
  3. Do not apply for any of Advent's RENTED properties

To setup a private viewing for any of Advent's rentals, please contact the listing Property Manager outlined on the rental listing page. For assistance please call Advent's office between business hours Monday - Friday 9am - 5pm, call (604) 736-6478.

Disclaimer: This application in no way forms a tenancy, it is an offer to rent, subject to the Landlords approval, based on the information supplied and other possible applicants and offers pending. Advent Real Estate Services Ltd. does NOT charge application or processing fees, as per clause 15 of the Residential Tenancy Act.

To speed up your application process please fill in as many fields as you can on this application form!