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This guide explains what to do in an emergency situation.
It also helps in determining what IS and what is NOT an emergency.

Emergency Procedures & Guidelines

Submit your repair requests here

For non emergency repairs only!

Tenants, submit a request for repairs.

Tenants Insurance

* Having Tenants Insurance is a material term of your Tenancy Agreement with Advent.

If you need tenants insurance follow the link below to get a quote.

Tenants Insurance >>

Just rented with Advent?

These essential services will come in handy!

Essential services for tenants.

Lost your keys or FOB? Locked out?

This guide explains what to do if you have lost your key or FOB.
Note: Loosing keys/FOB's is NOT an emergency.

Lost Your Keys or FOB? Locked Out?

Sprinkler systems & sprinkler heads

How to minimize water flooding/damage in your rental property.

Sprinkler Systems: Flood Prevention

Basic maintenance guide for tenants

If you're renting a property from Advent, this guide will come in handy!
Learn how to complete basic maintenance tasks around your home.

This guide is under construction and new articles will be added weekly.


Electrical Service Box: Breaker Panel


Toilets: The Unflushables

Toilets: Turning Water ON/OFF


Sinks: Turning Water ON/OFF


Dishwashers: Turning Water ON/OFF


Your Rental: Managing Humidity


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