Toilets: The Unflushables

Basic Maintenance Guide For Tenants

The only things that are okay to flush down the toilet are:

Toilet Paper, poo and pee.

Many products that claim to be flushable, are NOT!

Note: If your toilet is blocked because of anything other than toilet paper, poo and pee being flushed down it, and you require a service call, the service call fee will be charged back to you.

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Do NOT flush the following items down your toilet:

Disposable wipes
This includes baby wipes, personal hygiene wipes, cleaning cloths, mop cloths and mop pads. These should be thrown in the garbage.

Personal hygiene items
This includes pads, tampons and applicators, dental floss and condoms. These items should be thrown in the garbage.

Cooking grease
Grease becomes hard in sewer pipes and causes them to block and overflow sewage. Pour grease into a tin can or milk carton, wait for it to harden then throw it in the garbage. Small amounts should be wiped with a paper towel and placed in a food scraps bin.

Food scraps
Food scraps should be placed in food scraps bin, not down the drain.

Paint, oil and other chemicals
These items should be taken to a take-back program.

One of the top clogging agents in sewers is hair. Dispose of hair in the garbage.

Medications are not fully removed in the wastewater treatment process and some chemicals may end up in our environment. Keep these pollutants out of our waterways: dispose of expired medications by taking them back to a local pharmacy.

Flushing the above items down the toilet causes problems for our wastewater system and our environment.

If you are a tenant of Advent Real Estate Services Ltd. and have a problem with a clogged toilet please try and unclog it yourself using a plunger. If you cannot unclog your toilet you can report the problem to Advent using our Tenant Repair Request Form. If you have a flood due to a blocked toilet, call Advent's office on (604) 736-6478 Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm, for assistance. Outside of regular business hours call our office on (604) 736-6478 and Press "1" for emergencies. Issues with clogged toilets that are not fixed or reported may be deemed damages and charged back to you.

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