Michelle Farina Biography

Since 2006: Founder, President, Managing Broker

Michelle Farina: Founder, President, Managing Broker.

Michelle is the Founder, President and Managing Broker of Advent Real Estate Services Ltd. A 100% family owned and operated Property Management company! As the founder, Michelle has grown Advent on a vast amount of knowledge from the past 20 years. Working in many different roles in Vancouver's Rental Property Management industry, starting as a receptionist and working up to becoming a fully licensed Rental Property Manager in 1999, there are few aspects of this industry that Michelle hasn’t tackled!

Michelle works as a Mentor for Advent's licensed Property Managers and Customer Care Team, they count on her experience to support them with everyday challenges that come with managing and renting a portfolio of over 850 properties.

A leader in the Property Management industry and a natural leader within the company she built, Michelle has assembled a team that is dedicated to the client experience and setting industry standards.

Moving forward Michelle is focused on the continued growth of Advent, exploring new markets, negotiating the acquisition of other rental portfolios, working with developers and of course continuing to work with Real Estate investors that require her expertise.

Clients and Tenants can contact Michelle anytime during business hours Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm, with questions regarding their rental properties.

Email michelle@rentwithadvent.com